Lynda Leighton Visual Artist
born in Mitcham/England

Studies/Academic Achievements
1997 NEAB Access Course Certifacte, Basingstoke College of Technology
1998 Certificate of Higher Education, Winchester Shool of Art
1999 Diploma of Higher Education, Winchester School of Art
2000 BA (Hons) Degree Visual Art Winchester School of Art 2001
Joint winner sof the Beachcroft Wansbrough Award 2000, presented to fine arts students at Winchester School of Art, who have contributed to an exhibition of work at Beachcroft
Wnasborough Solicitiors offices in Winchester
Winner of the inaugural Jocie Williams Memorial Prize, BCOT 1997
1979-87 PA to the Artistic Director, Redgrave Theatre, Brightwells, Farnham, Surrey
1987 to-date Homemaker and Parent Assistance in various classes at Children`s Infant and Primary Schools
Lynda Leighton is a commited & enthusiastic Vicual Artist. Her work focuses on themes of human presence and absence. She explores, through the use of found objects and photography, thoughts concerning life and death, mortality and immortality. Through her work, she aims to encapsulate a sense of history, time and place. Her work questions the way we vie life, events and the truth of what we see.
2001 Degree Thesis – „Notions of Death and the Power of the Photographic Portrait
1999 Drawing on..., Angelus Gallery, Winchester
2000 Visual Art Diploma Exhibition, Winchester School of Art
2000 Post Diploma Exhibition, West Side Building, Winchester School of Art
2000 Exhibition of work at Beachcroft Wansbroughs Solicitors Offices, Winchester
2001 Degree Show, Winchester School of Art
Greenham Common as part of Inscape Art a newly formed group of artists of which Leighton is a founding member
2002 united mixedmedia artits - WAHR.NEHMEN Aktion Kulturbaum at the Institut of Culture Johannes Kepler University and the Gallery at Catholic Highschool A-Linz
2004 exhibition group senses show Aktion Kulturbaum culture center CH-Basel-Münchenstein
2005 christmas exhibition group Foyer, culture center CH-Basel-Münchenstein
2006 exhibition Le Temps des Plantes Bistro cultural au Soleil F-Biederthal en collaberation avec ART-TERRE

Exhibition Circle of Life Museum Trotte CH-4144-Arlesheim-Basel
May 24 - June 10 - 2007
The Circle of Life is a situation in which all living things some-how and somewhere find themselves. Everything and every-one is connected and, eventually, returns to the earth. It is all part of nature’s system. A circle has no beginning and no end, life and death are one. The past is part of the present, which becomes part of the future. By participating in the circle of life and moving through despair, hope, faith and love everything and everyone finds their place on the path. Everything and everyone is at some point along this circle.
Leighton frees objects from the conditions of time and space fixing them at a point, in a motionless state, on life’s circle. They are an indication of the duration that everything and everyone is involved with, from wherever it was they started to wherever it is they end. There is no photograph without “something or some” and Leighton’s photograph’s serve as an affirmation of the subject’s “thereness”, bringing attention to the ephemeral nature of life – a mark is left and time moves on.
The smallest fragment of everyday life says more that the whole story highlighting the tinniness of life against the vastness of eternity. Wherever its position on life’s circle everything and everyone is vulnerable and beautiful and Leighton tries to encapture this in her work.