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Erdgeschoss Museum
Malerei Drucke Installationen


Photographien LEIGHTON

Installation von Pakery auf dem Vorplatz Lebenskreis Lebensrad
"Die vier Elemente
- das fünfte
die Liebe - das Herz
in Form eines Steinkreises


Pakery`s Schautafeln im Erlebnisraum historischer Friedhof
- Leighton Photographien Visual Artist - Installationen Workshops - Pakery

Leighton visual artist fotos
The Circle of Life is a situation in which all living things somehow and somewhere find themselves. In nature this is performed as a year circle, as we move through the seasons experiencing with it a sense of time and happening.
Both artists, Pakery and Leighton, explore through their work the moment and the
temporality of time. Once captured these fleeting moments become documented in such a way that they are brought to the present and fixed for the future.
- A swansong. A mirror of the heart and soul.

Der Lebenskreis ist ein Zustand, in dem alle Lebenwesen sich irgend wie und wo befinden und bewegen. Die Natur performt diesen als Jahreskreis und somit auch als Zeitgefühl und Zeitgeschehen.
Die Künstlerinnen Pakery & Leighton erforschen darin das Vorübergehende und die Vorübergehenden in Momenten und Stationen. Einmal eingefangen, werden diese zu Dokumenten, welche das Vergängliche in die Gegenwart zurück bringt und in der Zukunft im Jetzt stehen lässt. - Ein Schwanengesang, Spiegel der Herzen und Seelen, menschlicher Kunst.

Circle of Life: Pakery uses beeswax in her art works - a material that outlasts the generations and is so a touch of eternity, created by living creatures with seismographic abilities, the bees. Bees are a part of nature and therefore they also follow the earthly and cosmic circle of life. They perceive and empathize more with the heavenly cosmos than mankind does, knowing how to use the precious nectar of plant's blossoms and produce out of it the delicious perfumed beeswax.
The topic of the three basic elements - circle, triangle, square - Pakery has devoted herself to for a long time, in particular the circle. A life circle consists of different circles and their centres - internal circles and one external which embraces all the internals. All over between the lines of circle lay stations, lifelines and layers which are not visibly lived. Circles of life which are reduced to the essential are interesting. The breaking off of these layers, which serve as passages and are reminders at the awakening of the unconscious, are part of Pakery`s art work.
Even towns were originally created as circles e.g. Rome in Italy: A place in the middle as pulsating heart with an open centre - the inner circle; around this are houses, lanes and much individualism - the middle circle; then gates as passages to a so-called "outside" and "inside" to the interaction of the spirit, the inspiration - the external circle.
A life circle is also a time wheel, that travels with us through life, always recurring greeting and closing the day, weeks, months, years…. And each one is attached to the other: the former with the present and both with the coming. In such a way one circle flows into the other. 
For Pakery the circle is not geometrical but an emotional circle approximately round - fluently moving and not static. A video film with installation entitled “Lucky Clover” shows the desperate craving for luck which strikes us somehow and at somewhere in our circle of life. - pakery-kulturbaum.ch